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Fusion Types


Namekian Fusion: This fusion is exclusively for Namek's. First, one Namek places his hand on the other, then ki is concentrated and the fusion begins to take place. The Namek's have the ability to choose which of the two bodies they want to use. The resulting warrior is much stronger than either warrior alone. If by chance the two warriors fusing were once one being and parted for whatever reasons, the Fusion becomes twice as powerful.


Fusion Dance: The 2 warriors must be equally strong and close in size. Then in order for the fusion to work, the 2 must perform a dance. Any mistake in the dance will end up in a deformed fusion. While performing the dance, the two must yell Fu..sion..ha. If done properly, the 2 will become much stronger than eithe one alone. However, it only lasts 30 minutes, but at SSJ3 they can only stay fused for 5 minutes. The fused fighter's have combined features, but are a completely different person.


Absorption: Not really a kind of fusion but it does take multiple beings and make them become one. Cell and Buu are the main people to absorb beings and they did so by either eating the other being or in Cell's case sucked them through his tail.

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