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The saga begins with a hospital scene, showing the progress of everyone's recovery. Mr Popo greets them, and tells everyone about another pair of Dragon Balls on a Planet called Namek (Piccolo's homeworld). He takes Bulma with him, so that she can learn how to fly the ship, and take some people to Namek. A while later, Bulma takes off for Namek with Krillen and Gohan (Goku still hasn't recovered yet). She activates the ship speaking in Namekian. They then take off. Finally find what they think is Namek. It turns out to be a fake one, an illusion created by some creatures who crashed there a while ago and were unable to repair their ship. They manage to escape though, and get back on track to the real Namek. Meanwhile, at one of Frieza's docking ports, Vegeta is fully recovered, and soaring off towards Namek in one of his pods, after the Dragonballs. He is told that Frieza, the most powerful being in the universe, is already on the planet looking for them. Bulma, Krillen, and Gohan land on the planet, and immediately set off looking for the Dragonballs. Vegeta is after the Dragonballs too, and is met by Cui, one of Frieza's henchmen, who tells Vegeta to leave or die. Vegeta laughs in Cui's face, and the two fight, with Vegeta easily defeating, and killing his opponent.

Gohan and Krillen sense Frieza's power for the first time, and they know that it is incredible, much higher than they could ever dream of. They also learn Frieza has four of the seven Dragonballs. Yajirobe walks into Goku's hospital room, and tosses him a bag of sensu beans. Goku takes one, and is fully recovered. He flies off to Dr. Briefs, where he is given a capsule corporation pod. He then leaves to help his friends on Namek.Frieza and his henchmen are destroying a Namekian village and all of its habitants. The village elder notices that they are using the scouters to locate the Dragonballs, and sense the power levels, so he destroys them all, laughing as he does so. Freiza then kills the Namek in a fit of rage, and takes the ball off him, making it number five, with only two more to go. Gohan and Krillen see a big pink alien called Dodoria bullying a small Namekian boy, so they fly in, and save him, managing to escape from all of Frieza's henchmen.

Dodoria had chased them, and lost them, but noticed Vegeta on his way back. He went down to fight with the Saiyan, and was defeated easily, with Vegeta mercilessly killing him. Vegeta then goes off and finds another Namekian village, where he savagely kills all the inhabitants, and finds the Dragonball. He learnt to sense KI signatures on Earth, so now there is nothing stopping him from finding the remaining Dragonball. Krillen and the Namekian kid who they rescued earlier decide to go to the eldest Nameks quarters. The kid, named Dende, says that the eldest Namek, who is called Guru, possesses a Dragonball. Gohan stays with Bulma to protect her. Elsewhere, Vegeta dumps his Dragonball in a lake for safe keeping. He bumps into Krillen and Dende as he goes to leave though, and prepares to fight them, when Frieza's strongest henchman shows up - Zarbon. He fights Vegeta, with the Saiyan easily roughing him up, until Zarbon transforms into a monster. Krillen and Dende escape while the two warriors are distracted, and they resume their course to Guru's. Meanwhile, Zarbon has hit Vegeta into a lake, and nearly killed him. Vegeta climbs out though, and Zarbon takes him to Freiza's ship for questioning. Vegeta is put in a regeneration tank, so that he can be healed, then be interrogated. Vegeta manages to keep down his heart rate though, and manages to escape, stealing all of Frieza's Dragonballs in the process, giving him six of them.



Krillen and Dende arrive at Guru's, and are given the final Dragonball. Guru also releases Krillen's true power. He is much stronger, and they fly back. Vegeta meets them on the way though, and demands that they hand over the Dragonball. They do so, not wanting to get killed, and then Zarbon arrives again, ready to kill Vegeta for escaping and stealing Frieza's Dragonballs. Krillen and Dende fly off, back to Bulma, leaving the two far superior warriors to fight amongst themselves. Vegeta easily beats Zarbon, because whenever a Saiyan is healed from mortal wounds, they become far stronger. Vegeta kills Zarbon, then goes off with his Dragonball to the other ones, meaning that he will have all seven. Gohan senses Vegeta's Dragonball that is hidden in the lake, and goes to get it. He retrieves it, meeting Krillen, Dende, and Bulma. Krillen tells Gohan about Guru, and they both leave for his place. They arrive there a while later, and are greeted by Vegeta outside. Krillen distracts him while Gohan goes into Guru's. They argue for a while, then Gohan walks out of Guru's, emitting incredible power. Vegeta is just about to kill them all, when 5 pods crash down a short distance away. Vegeta announces that they must be the Ginyu Force, the five most evil warriors in the galaxy, each with a power level that rivals his own. Vegeta says that he needs to be made immortal in order for them to win, so they all get the Dragonballs, just in case.

The Ginyu Force find everyone, and take the Dragonballs off them using some impressive tricks and speed. Ginyu flies off with them, to take them to Frieza, leaving his men to fight. Guldo is the first up, and he fights Gohan and Krillen. It looks as though he is about to defeat them, when Vegeta interrupts, and kills Guldo with two impressive attacks. Seeing the death of his team-mate, Racoome steps forward, and is takes on Vegeta, defeating him, but not managing to kill him, due to Krillen and Gohan interfering. Racoome then destroys both of them, and is ready to kill them. Finally, Goku's ship arrives on Namek, after he had been training at 100 times the Earths gravity. He soars to the battle, and rescues Gohan, Krillen, and Vegeta from the evil clutches of Racoome. He then beats the member of the Ginyu Force easily, leaving him on the floor, barely alive. Jeice and Burta, the two remaining members attack. Goku easily dodges everything they throw at him, then attacks Burta, easily defeating him. He allows Jeice to go. Vegeta then quickly finishes off Racoome and Burta, after eating a sensu bean, and having his health restored.

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Dragonball Z GT Information