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Synopsis: After Goku arrives on Namek and beats the Ginyu Force with ease it's time to take on the Captain on the Ginyu Force. Captain Ginyu is by far the strongest member of Frieza's team and proves to be a tough oppenent. Will Goku be able to beat Ginyu? Please note this saga is very short and I decided to only have one summary thats a medium length. There will be no Detailed or Brief just what I have below.

Captain Ginyu Saga Summary:  Well this saga picks up from the Namek Saga. Burter and Jeice start their attack on Goku. It seems like everything goes right through him! Jeice and Burter can't believe it.  Meanwhile, Frieza and Ginyu have all seven Dragonballs and try to summon the Dragon. It doesn't work! So Frieza realizes that one Namek he was killing told him that he wouldn't be able to summon him even though he got all 7 Dragonballs. Frieza realizes there must be a password. Which makes him fly to one of the last Namekian survivors, GURU!  Meanwhile, Jeice and Burter give Goku everything they got, until Goku knocks out Burter!! Jeice can't believe this, and decides to fly off. Burter and Recoome are alive thanks to Goku but they are both knocked out. Vegeta throws blasts at both of them, killing them. Goku is mad at Vegeta for killing them, but Vegeta tells Goku that he can't give them this much slack. Goku agrees, and explains that the Dragonballs also require a password to summon the Dragon! Krillin and Gohan fly off to get the Dragon Radar from Bulma and the 7 Dragonballs hidden in Frieza's ship. Meanwhile, Jeice and Captain Ginyu arrive, ready to challenge Goku and Vegeta, when Vegeta suddenly takes off! That leaves Goku alone against Captain Ginyu and Jeice. Ginyu starts attacking Goku and he just avoids everything. Then Ginyu talks Goku into powering up to maximum power. Goku does so, making Ginyu realize that they are not match for him at 180,000! Jeice says that Ginyu's power is only 110,000! Meanwhile, Dende is given a new gift by Guru. He is given the power to heal people, a power he never knew he had. Then he told Dende to go tell Krillin and Gohan the password so they can summon the Dragon. He does so, and flies off.

Frieza finally arrives at Guru's place. He first encounters Nail, then creates a hole in Ginyu's house making Frieza fly up to say hello. Frieza asks for the password, but Guru won't give it to him. Nail then challenges Frieza. Frieza finally flies off with Nail in a fight for the password. Meanwhile, Ginyu has suddenly gets an idea. He tests Goku by throwing strong beams at him only making Goku just stand there and let them hit him with no effect. Ginyu then laughs, and gives Jeice his scouter. Then Ginyu punches himself in his right chest! Then he performs this wacky attack, and all of a sudden, Goku is in Ginyu's body and Ginyu is in Goku's body! Meanwhile, Frieza starts off his fight with Nail. Nail attempts a chop on Frieza's neck, he lands the chop, but no effect. Frieza grabs his arm, and tears it off! Nail regenerates it, and continues fighting, only to get beaten up. The fight still continues. Meanwhile, Krillin and Gohan have saved Bulma from getting eaten by dinosaurs, and take the Dragon Radar, and fly off to where the 7 Dragonballs are. Meanwhile, Ginyu, now in Goku's body, and Jeice fly off to the ship to tell Frieza that he has defeated the Saiyan. Vegeta, meanwhile, makes an appearance in front of all of Frieza's henchmen, killing all of them. He then gets some new clothes, and senses Gohan and Krillin coming. He hides and waits for their arrival.  Goku, now badly wounded, tries to fly off to warn Gohan and Krillin of what's coming their way. But flying is hard since he is hurt. Meanwhile, Krillin and Gohan finally dig up the seven Dragonballs, with Vegeta waiting for the Dragon to come up so he can make his wish. But the Dragon won't come up! Krillin then forgets that there was a password. Then they sense two powers coming their way. They think it's the Ginyu Force, so they hide. It turns out that it was Ginyu, who everyone has mistaken for Goku, and Jeice. Krillin appears realizing that it was his friend. He asks Ginyu what he is doing hanging out with Jeice. When Ginyu hits Krillin! Krillin doesn't know what is happening. When just then, Gohan realizes that it doesn't seem like his dad. They start to fight him, when just then, Goku arrives in Ginyu's body. Everyone is confused now. But Gohan isn't, and thinks he is stuck that way. They all try to fight Ginyu now, without any progress.

When Ginyu calls Jeice up to help, Vegeta appears, and challenges Jeice! Now don't forget, that he didn't even last against Recoome last time. After a short fight, Jeice was blown away. Ginyu then challenges Vegeta. Vegeta hits him to the ground, and charges him from the air. Ginyu then attempts to metamorph into Vegeta's body! Goku won't allow it, and jumps into the beam, getting his body back, but badly wounded from Vegeta's beating. Vegeta then starts to beat up Ginyu more and more, until Ginyu attempts to change again! But this time Goku counters it again by throwing a frog in the beam! Now Ginyu is a frog, and is stuck there! Vegeta tells Krillin and Gohan to bring Goku into Frieza's ship. Meanwhile, Frieza's fight with Nail is becoming pointless as Nail gets beaten awfully. Meanwhile, Goku is put inside an isolation chamber. Vegeta explains that this has Saiyan DNA that can heal someone fast. Vegeta then shows signs of weakness. Krillin and Gohan wonder what's going on, but Vegeta says he is fine. He gives Krillin and Gohan Saiyan armor similar to his to wear for the fight with Frieza. Krillin then leaves to get the password from Guru. Vegeta tells Gohan to look after the Dragonballs while he takes a nap.

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